Pink Floyd can get pretty spacey, no doubt.  And with a studio, a good amount of time and a couple of closets full arp and moog synths,

amp stacks, and a leslie rotating speaker just about anything is possible.


In this video Bill Ruppert creates these tremendous sounds using a humble Stratocaster and an impressive array of Electro-Harmonix effects pedal: enough pedals to represent a serious investment, but far less than the cost of some of the single pieces of gear used by the big Pink creating the original.



Some of the effects are used in less than conventional ways…for example, a Big Muff Pi is used merely for generating noise (okay, I’ll say it…pink noise), before being run into a booster and the E-H Microsynth.


As one might expect, the Microsynth gets a workout in this video, but there’s also some cool synth pads that are created by using E-H’s  Superego synth engine and the POG2 octave generator…again being driven with the Strat.


Spaciousness is added the Cathedral reverb and Memory Man delay.


Of course, there’s a little standard guitar thrown in to complete the picture.


Kudos are given here to Mr. Ruppert for showing how extreme effects can be used…not only innovatively, but tastefully, as well.


Visit to learn more about the pedals used to create these sounds.

Originally posted 2012-11-14 19:43:18.