What better spot could there be to hold one of my GillaCamps than beautiful Amelia Island, Florida, 20 miles north of Jacksonville? Complete with a ‘haunted’ inn as the venue, scooters out back for no charge to ‘surviving’ guests, and one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast within a mile! Both myself and my Florida House Inn hosts have decided to make this my southern bi-annual locale for my Florida 3-day Full GillaCamp event – upcoming again in 2010 on February 5-7 and July 30-August 1. www.floridahouseinn.com/

I have held my guitar camps in multiple venues around the world, ranging from the 3 day full experience of 12 topics in a 12 hour format, the 2 day mini with 10 topics over 10 hours or the GillaCamp Gourmet with a 1 to 4 hour a la carte menu. These various options have been made possible by the generous support of music shop owners, individuals who have opened up their homes, promoters who like the idea of offering a concert and a workshop event for their community, and particularly through the consistent support of my many music sponsors in the industry.

The whole point of these events is obviously for me to make enough money so I can continue supporting hotel vending machines around the world. But I must admit, I teach to pass the torch and share as much of what I have learned in the best possible way to our world’s future players.   It’s really that simple.


 Richard Gilewitz GillaCamp schedule is updated regularly. Sign up or just check it out at www.richardgilewitz.com/gillacamp.html

Originally posted 2009-08-26 20:10:34.