The 8th Annual PAID DUES Music Festival held March 30 in Southern California was another resounding success! Chang Weisberg & GUERILLA UNION along with partner MURS put on an amazing one day, 3 stage mega-extravaganza highlighted by mainly independent Hip Hop artists across all styles of the genre. Included among the hottest artists in the market today, including MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS (who have the #1 song in the world, with NO record deal!), KENDRICK LAMAR (& his BLACK HIPPY group), TECH N9NE (who broke the GUINESS BOOK of World Records last year with his independent tour), DE LA SOUL, SCARFACE, TRINIDAD JAMES, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE featuring the legendary lyricist CHINO XL, among many others in a 12 hour audio onslaught.


IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE tells us, “The business has changed 180 degrees, while the 2 conglomerates left are stealing 360 degrees of artists rights & profits, the indie world is booming with access to whatever tools you can afford to growing your own company & business, so we don’t need them anymore!” Proof is in MAC MILLER having the #1 album in the country last year, with no record deal & slight airplay. Again one of the festival headliners MACKLEMORE has the top song on alternative, pop & urban radio ‘Thrift Shop’ with NO record deal or conglomerate owning him. These are signals a shift in power in the music industry, away from the intended stranglehold the conglomerates used to try to control, hence the last 5 biggest GRAMMYS Album of the Year Awards have gone to independent artists in a row.


TECH N9NE explained, “What the major labels offer gets less & less appealing, it’s really a bad loan with super crazy interest, & even if you pay them back, they STILL own your music. We know what we wanna do & our intended audience, & we can give them this pure, no diluting our creativity and control our own destiny. If they like what we do we are the FIRST to get paid & able to re-invest & grow our businesses, rather than be in a record deal where the artist is the LAST one to get paid, if ever!”


PAID DUES was the BEST hip hop festival of the year – hands down!


Jay Warsinske – INDIEPOWER