The new limited edition guitar from Epiphone is based on Roy Orbison’s 1962 Epiphone "Bard" 12-string acoustic guitar. Orbison used his original Epiphone to write and perform many of his most best-known songs including "Oh, Pretty Woman."

"As a young brilliant guitar player growing up in West Texas, Roy would have never dreamt that he would one day have his own Epiphone signature guitar named after him. Roy wrote ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ on his Epiphone 12-string acoustic guitar which features one of the most instantly recognizable rock n’ roll guitar riffs and has remained iconic and fresh to this day. I hope the next generation of artists will feel inspired to write another great rock n’ roll song thanks to the Epiphone signature Roy Orbison 12 string acoustic guitar," said Barbara Orbison, Roy’s widow.

The new Epiphone is a faithful reproduction of the 1962 original and features a solid spruce top, a solid mahogany back, a rosewood 12-string bridge and vintage tuners. For this limited edition release, the back of the guitar’s headstock includes a replica of Roy Orbison’s signature and the notation for the first measure of the world famous "Oh, Pretty Woman" introduction riff. Also included in this limited edition offer is a hard case with Roy’s signature and "sunglass" icon on it, a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Roy’s widow, Barbara Orbison and Roy’s son, Roy Orbison, Jr., a black & white photo of Roy with his original Epiphone Bard 12-string, a "sunglass" lapel pin and a copy of the "Oh, Pretty Woman" sheet music. The certificate and photo come in a leatherette presentation binder. MSRP: $1,332

Roy Orbison followed up his string of hits during the late ’50s and early ’60s, by introducing his unique vocal style to a new generation as a member of the Traveling Wilburys. A new box set featuring 107 "Orbisongs" is available at Orbison died of a massive heart attack on December 6, 1988 at the age of 52.

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