UPDATE: Sat. 7:21 PM.    Brian Collins is the rigger that was injured during the stage collapse in Toronto today…

gash on his head, concussion, both ankles broken. Mike Hirsch just spoke with Brian’s dad Billy. Gonna be tough but looks like he should pull through. We’ll keep you posted.

And another new photo. Taken today before the collapse. You can still see riggers in the scaff.

UPDATE Sat. 3:06  Aerial video of stage. You will have to sit through a commercial to get to it. Not us. It’s the TV station that posted this.




UPDATE Sat. 2:47 PDT.  Hollywood Reporter is saying the person killed was crew.




Info very sketchy still. Stand by for updates. This happened BEFORE doors. Which means the chances are very high that the dead and injured are crew. Updates as we get info.


A stage at Toronto’s Downsview Park has collapsed in advance of a scheduled Radiohead concert, killing one person and injuring at least three, according to Toronto EMS. Downsview Park has tweeted that the concert is cancelled. Gates had been scheduled to open at 5 p.m.Tech issues preventing us from uploading photos. For photos, please go HERE

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