After all of the years I have spent studying music theory – which started in high school and college, learning to play tunes by ear from an album on a turntable, reading music notation and then Tablature, attempting the art of composition (surprisingly successfully, so there is hope for every player), along with the experiences of performing with others playing on various instruments, recording in the studio, and appearing on live television and radio, I wanted to as simply as possible lay out what I know to be some of the most important facets of learning the instrument of guitar. Hopefully this apprentice agenda will prepare the student to have the confidence to continue his or her studies with a supportive instructor, attend a school of music, perform effectively solo and with others, and learn how to communicate with other instruments. And, most importantly, my wish is to fill up their human musical vessel with the right stuff, embracing the concept of the right attitude, while understanding the importance of avoiding that ‘cork’ being put in at the get-go.

So, as you keep on your training wheels for a while, what will be covered in this new project? You know. The usual. Playing in different keys, understanding key signatures, triads and chord development, scales, intervals, the language of fingerstyle patterns, rock solid timing, song composition, and even a little Blues. But, no worries as the approach will be fresh and simple. You’ll even learn how to make hundreds of dollars a year doing this for a living! Seriously, be prepared to have fun this time around and you will get it. Get IT?

Originally posted 2009-04-08 03:40:26.