While most of our On The Road reviews take place at DJ events or live band performances, once in awhile an opportunity comes along to do something completely different. When this happens, the outcome is uncertain.

Case in point, when a local promoter calls needing a sound system for a 25,000 square foot arena and exhibit hall  attached by a long hallway and entrance area. Obviously, the correct way to this would be with a properly engineered installed system. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for that. In fact, due to some snow damage on the roof of one of the buildings, the event cane very close to being cancelled. So, a sound system was needed and needed now.

Raiding the Live2Play, we commandeered 2 Cerwin-Vega P1500X, and 2 P1000X powered loudspeakers. We gave the P1800SX subwoofer the weekend off—as the make-shift PA was just needed for announcements, this was one time it was NOT all about the bass.

The attached video will walk you through the set-up procedure and give you some idea of the scale of the job. While all of the speakers performed flawlessly during the event and covered their assigned areas adequately, the biggest challenge we had (as expected) was dealing with loss of intelligibility in the main dome arena. In a perfect world, we would have liked to have had a second set of speakers on the side of the show floor. This would have allowed us to lower the gain so that two P1500X speakers would not have had to reach all the way across the show floor. We had also counted on a much larger crowd, but due to that roof thing mentioned above, the human sound absorption quotient was lower than expected.

A quick survey of the exhibitors on the final day revealed that there were no issues in the entrance area or exhibit hall. In the main dome area (again, no surprise) a few booths along the back wall reported that the announcements were lost in the echo and floor noise.

So, while we were quite pleased with the performance of the CV PSeries speakers, it would have been nice to have more of them along with additional set-up time. Given what we had to work with, however, the event was a success.

As for the P1800SX subwoofer, that was back in service the following weekend in all of its chest pounding glory, at a wedding reception for 140 people—accompanied by the same two P1500X speakers we used at the dome the week before. As for the smaller P1000X speakers, they’ll be seeing plenty of use this summer as our go-to powered speakers for wedding ceremonies and as the main back-ups for the P1500x duo.

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