Nord has introduced the first Electro model with a hammer-action, 73-key E-E range keybed – without sacrificing portability (only 24.25lbs).
The new Nord Electro 3 HP includes all of the features of the original Nord Electro 3, like the compatibility with the Nord Piano and Nord Sample Libraries including the exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds, the tonewheel and transistor modeling of the Nord C1 organ and Rotary speaker simulation.
With 4 Dynamic Curves there’s a keyboard response for every personal style, and the new selectable Long Release adds a nice touch when playing legato parts.
Due to popular demand, they’ve added a flexible new Delay Effect with tap-tempo, rate, amount and a stereo Ping-Pong mode.
The number of Live Locations has been increased from 1 to 4, giving you greater freedom to experiment with new sounds and settings on the go that are automatically saved.
Where the original Electro 3 perhaps can be seen as a great organ with additional piano sounds, the new Electro 3 HP gives acoustic and electric piano lovers a new keyboard that even works great for organ playing styles.
The Nord Electro 3 HP is handmade in Stockholm, Sweden by Clavia DMI and is scheduled to ship in late April 2011.

Here is a video demo from the recent MusicMesse show in Frankfurt, Germany.



Originally posted 2011-04-15 22:02:47.