Andover, MA — August 11, 2011 —

The new Fission Bass Powerchord FX Pedal, which lets any bassist increase the power and complexity of their sound by adding stacked harmonies over their bass lines, is now shipping. In fact, leading bassists Bootsy Collins and T.M. Stevens received early samples of the groundbreaking Fission pedal and have already incorporated it into their rigs.

Through Fission’s intuitive set of controls and footswitches, four unique voicings pitch-shifted above the root note can be combined to produce power chords or octave-up effects. Four footswitch LEDs provide visible indication of the selected harmony. When the effect is off, the LEDs dim, which make it easy to set up a harmony before playing the chord. Fission Bass also offers an adjustable noise gate, overdrive, tone and effect level. Available voicings are: Octave up, Octave up with 5th above, Octave up with 4th above, or octave / 5th / octave above. This power-effect combo provides expressive creative control over anything from subtle octaves to thick, grinding effects that even your guitar player will envy.

Housed in a lightweight, sturdy metal enclosure, Fission Bass uses state-of-the-art 32-bit signal processing and 24-bit audio conversion and is 9V battery-powered (or use optional Fishman 910-R AC adapter). Its monophonic input accepts a wide range of pickups. The mix output is perfect for single amp operation and the effect-only output can be used to route the power chords into an electric guitar amp. MSRP: $430.69  Street: $279.95

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