Focusrite says their Clarett interfaces offer 24-bit, 192kHz sample rates and “world class dynamic range.” Their brand new Clarett mic preamps replicate the impedance and transformer resonance of the original ISAs, resulting in exceptional clarity and the signature sound for which Focusrite has become famous.

The range is made up of four devices; the 2Pre (10 In/4 Out), 4Pre (18 In/8 Out), 8Pre (18 In/20 Out) and flagship 8Pre X (26 In/28 Out). This final 2U interface has been designed with the permanent racked studio install in mind, featuring extended ADAT I/O, and separate rear panel inputs for mic, line and instrument, as well as dedicated phantom power, phase reverse and high pass filters on every channel.

Comprehensive attention to sound quality, combined with unmatched Thunderbolt latency performance that unlocks the real-time processing power of your DAW, makes the new Focusrite Clarett range the best-sounding, lowest latency interfaces.

Focusrite Clarett Range at a Glance

  1. New Clarett preamps model the classic ISA design
  2. World class dynamic range: 116dB A/D and 118dB D/A
  3. Latest Thunderbolt technology ensures interface latency of under 1ms
  4. 24-bit, 192kHz sample rates
  5. All expandable via ADAT
  6. Flagship Clarett 8Pre X designed for permanent professional studio install
  7. New 64-bit AAX, AU and VST compatible Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite
  8. Detailed metering
  9. Includes MIDI I/O

The Clarett Range will be available Spring/Summer 2015

Source- Cline Media