DUBS Acoustic Filters are stylish, high-design earplugs that utilize advanced acoustical physics to reinvent hearing protection. By leveraging the way the ear processes sound, the DUBS accomplish two goals simultaneously: lowering sound by roughly 12 dB, and preserving audio fidelity. With the DUBS, every participant in the music industry – including DJs, musicians, sound mixers, producers, roadies, security and fans – can hear with crystal clarity while minimizing the damaging impact of high-decibel noise.

How They Work

For DUBS Acoustic Filters, Doppler Labs developed a proprietary technology that effectively leveraged the way the ear’s sensitivity to sound changes in response to different decibel levels. DUBS Acoustic Filters use both a “low pass path” and a “high pass path” for audio. As sound makes its way through the low pass via two of the DUBS chambers, the sound enters a small, final diameter tube where it exits inside the ear. The large expansion areas cut off high frequencies, so users only hear lower frequencies through this combination.

The high pass path consists of a single small diameter tube, connecting the outside world to the user’s ear. As sound enters the tube, low frequency sounds are “bled off” by a controlled leak, and high frequency sounds continue through to the ear. The result is a controlled acoustic experience that produces a distinct audio curve, which is quite unlike anything in the earplug space, which has traditionally offered low-tech foam inserts.

The DUBS Acoustic Filters were developed to be as much a sleek accessory as a hearing protection device – aesthetics and acoustics are both primary concerns for Doppler Labs. The DUBS now come in four colors: teal, blue, pink and white. They are available for $25 through www.getDUBS.com and at Best Buy and Amazon, as well as in select European countries, including the UK, with new countries to be added in Q1 2015.