When artists are unable to sustain themselves by making music, they typically have to take a day job—and that takes them away from creating music. Now, Pizicato is changing the way fans interact, connect, and (most importantly) support their favorite bands and performers. Pizacato is an online donation platform. Through Pizicato.com, fans can send electronic donations to the artist, allowing them to effectively hold the strings to change in the music industry.

The idea was dreamed up by entrepreneurs Jeff Storm and Jeano Erforth in December 2013, after realizing some of their favorite musical artists will never get adequately compensated for the music they have created. For Storm and Erforth, it was unacceptable that the music they love is more accessible than ever before, yet the artists are receiving exponentially smaller and smaller cuts for their work. It was all backwards and the entrepreneurial-minded, music-loving duo knew they had to create a solution to revolutionize this modern-day archetype of what the music industry had become. After further extensive research about the reality of royalties in the music industry, they learned just how far a dollar really goes for a musician and fourteen months later Pizicato was born. The video explains the concept in detail. For more information on PIZICATO, please visit www.PIZICATO.com.