team has been licensing music for the past 15 years,
being the masterminds behind connecting Jaguar with Sting, Dirty Vegas
with Mitsubishi and Clinique with Rihanna…

With such a strong background in music, their focus has now turned to the
underground. Lloyd Simon, founder of MTV and now, said:

“Our former company had a great reputation for discovering unknown and
up and coming bands. We successfully placed and licenses for many of these bands in TV commercials, providing those artists with licensing fees and national exposure. With this reputation for helping new bands we were
receiving 10-30 CDs a day of wonderful cool music, all from unknown
bands. Everyday we marveled over all the great music we were listening to
and we keep trying to figure out how we could share all this great music
with the World.

One day we came up with the idea of building a website what would
promote and feature ONLY new and up and coming bands, no popular
artists. The Tap Music was born and we included a radio player so songs
could streamed and discovered, with the ability to purchase and give the
artist 85% of song sales. We also created a social network so fans and artists could communicate with each other, a community of musicians, music lovers, music supervisors and anyone who just loves and wants to talk music.”

A refreshing platform for underground artists to get heard, noticed and licensed.

Originally posted 2010-11-10 16:21:10.