As all players know, friction is the root cause of all tuning problems—Lubrikit from Planet Waves provides tuning stability by removing friction.

Apply a drop of Lubrikit to the nut and tremolo/bridge to optimize tuning stability, combat string breakage and end premature wear of the bridge and nut of the instrument. Field-tested with the industry’s top techs and luthiers, Lubrikit is the easiest way to end tuning problems at the source.  Lubrikit comes with one syringe of lubricant and two application swabs.

Another way to keep stringed instruments sounding new is Planet Waves’ RENEW String Cleaning System (pictured). RENEW String Cleaning System preserves that new string tone. The patented string cleaner “squeegees” both the top and bottom of the strings, removing dirt and build-up that that can prematurely make strings sound lifeless. Used regularly, RENEW delivers new string tone and longer string life and more enjoyable playing experience. By cleaning strings, musicians can preserve tone and prolong string life. Tech tested and approved, RENEW is safe and recommened for all strings. RENEW comes with two cleaning tools, one cleaning solution and 12 replacable cleaning pads.

Planet Waves’ Lubrikit retails for $17.99.? RENEW String Cleaning System will retail for $11.99.


Originally posted 2010-01-05 18:17:03.