VIDEO: The first guitar amp that contains Bass, Acoustic and Electric guitar amplifier models. With Peavey’s Variable Instrument Input™, a single amp can provide amplification for a variety of instrument types, and it also allows the electric player access to instrument models and manipulate the sound of their guitar to mimic an acoustic guitar, a bass, a 12-string guitar, and more.
The Vypyr VIP series consists of three combos: the 20-Watt VIP 1, the 40-Watt VIP 2, and the 100-Watt VIP 3. With Peavey’s PowerSponge™ variable power, players can adjust the power output to suit any playing situation. Other staples like a built-in chromatic tuner, on-board looper with Sanpera pedal control, studio quality headphone out, and much more round out its extensive array of features.

Originally posted 2013-02-02 20:16:22.