New Music Seminar Los Angeles announces the initial list of confirmed NMS players (speakers), movement (session) topics and intensive focus for it’s upcoming conference, set to take place at the NMS Revolution Hall, February 14th through 16th at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles.

NMS provides both artists and industry executives incisive dialogue, actual working solutions and a context for collaboration as we design and build the new music business models of success.

This year’s player line-up features the visionaries and architects helping to drive the new music business revolution. Each of the five movements reflects the most vital thinking that will drive the creation of an entirely new music business. From the big picture view of the evolving dominant music industry paradigm to specific topics on how to directly engage and monetize the artist/fan relationship, NMS once again is the place to be for those shaping the future of music.

Confirmed NMS Players
Andy Gadiel, Founder/President of JamBase
Ben Campbell, CEO of OurStage
Brian Carpizo, CEO of Eventric
Bryan Calhoun, VP New Media of SoundExchange
Chris Vinson, Founder/CEO of Bandzoogle
Courtney Holt, President of MySpace Music,
Craig Kallman, Chairman/CEO of Atlantic Records
Dameon Guess, Jakprints
Edward Donnelly, President of Aderra
Eric Garland, Founder of Big Champagne
Ian Rogers, President of Top Spin Media
Jason Flom, Chairman/CEO Lava Records
Jay Frank Sr. VP of CMT,
Kelly G, Music Programming at BET
Martin Atkins, Author, Tour: Smart; Invisible Records
Megan Jacobs, Booker for The Roxy LA
Michael Doernberg, Founder of ReverbNation
Pete Edge, President A&R of Jive Records
Richard Ellis, Founder/President of 12 to 20
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner of TAG Strategic
Tim Westergren, Founder/CEO of Pandora
Tom Jackson, Live Producer at OnStage Success
Tony Van Veen, President/CEO of Discmakers and CD Baby

Confirmed NMS Movements and Intensive Focus

1st Movement: The Music Business Isn’t Over: It’s Just Beginning
Press the reset button and start all over again. It’s a new game and the good news is that NOW you can win.

2nd Movement: A&R in the New Music Business
The music business may be down 80% but NEW artists and music are still breaking. The way people get exposed to new music and the way they ingest and metabolize music are changing rapidly with technology. The competition for attention in this more connected world is greater than ever. Music programming and exposure continues to become further segmented. Difficult music business economics are changing the kind of deals and the frequency of deals.

The prophets and pundits discuss how they find music and artists in the new era. What do they think is hot and why? Is A&R still directed to traditional radio formats or has the web changed all that? How is A&R in 2011 different from 2001?

3rd Movement: Touring in the New Music Business
Learn new ways of touring and the platforms to expose yourself including; touring colleges, living room tours, club dates, marketing services available to promote your dates and other services to get you exposed and give your act the edge you need for success in this ever more crowded and competitive environment.

4th Movement: The Creative Conundrum
Standing out in an ever-growing sea of mediocrity requires you to not only be good but to be unique. Here are the four areas that you must pass the differentiation test; Your songs, production, live show and story (concept, image, platform). Give them something to talk about in all four areas and your odds of breaking go through the roof.

5th Movement: Artist Movement: The Breaks

Artists discuss mentors and miracles, how they first broke through and life changing moments. What worked for them can also work for you.

15 – 18 Minute Intensives: How to get more exposure and make more money at any stage of your career.

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About The New Music Seminar

From the co-founder and director of the original legendary New Music Seminar comes a conference with a mission; to create a just, sustainable and profitable music business and to help artists break through the growing glut of artists and releases to success. Artists have never had so much power to control their own careers and build their success. This affordable event gives music business executives, technologists, and artists the knowledge, tools and connections to step into the tomorrow’s music business today.

The two-day, three-night conference includes a symphony of five "movements" (focused discussions) over the course of two days, 14 18-minute Intensives (presentations) from key industry leaders, 2 mentoring sessions, 3 nights of music showcases, High Level Summit Meetings and workshops on Rock, Hip Hop, Producers and Songwriting along with ongoing networking opportunities throughout.

The New Music Seminar is the must-attend conference for the emerging new music industry. The Seminar will address both the artists’ dilemma of breaking out from the ever-growing glut of music releases and the development of a new business model for a sustainable music business.

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