IKEY introduces the G3, your new partner in documenting jam sessions, practice sessions, and those elusive late-night compositional strokes of genius.

This sleek pocket-size unit allows recording through a ¼" input with any line level source – guitar, bass, electronic keyboard – or off a mixing board, or any mono or stereo line output. The G3 records directly to inexpensive and reusable SD or SDHC cards (32 GB maximum). A 1GB card is included.

The G3 allows for MIX recording, which means you can listen to a file you’ve already recorded, play along with it, and record both the previous and current tracks to a new track. So, you can lay down your rhythm track first, and then record lead over it; or put your favorite tracks on SD card and overdub tracks onto those.

You can then easily download the files to your computer via the built-in USB port (Mini-USB cable included).

For more information: http://www.ikey-audio.com/

Originally posted 2010-06-11 20:11:22.