Equipped with Future Sonics’ proprietary studio-grade dynamic driver, the ASE creates signature audio that can’t be reproduced by any other earphone manufacturer at any price.

The multi-driver and cross-over free ASE’s provide remarkable full range audio for use on stage, in-studio, or with your personal MP3 and multimedia pads and players.

A recent study by the Journal of the America Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that 1 in 5 children ages 12-19 are suffering hearing loss. A large portion of this loss is credited to unsafe and unhealthy earbud use. People using earbuds with lower sound quality attempt to drown out background noise and enhance audio clarity by increasing the volume to dangerous levels. Future Sonics’ natural noise isolation and quality sound at low volumes extends listening pleasure and greatly reduces hearing fatigue. Unlike other earphone manufacturers, Future Sonics designs and produces its own award-winning MG line of dynamic drivers that are used in all of its earpieces. Their Power of 1™ design provides a perfect balance of natural and realistic audio that brings a bigger, richer sound at a lower volume.

Founder of Future Sonics Marty Garcia, firmly believes in the advantage of the Power of 1™ dynamic driver approach to audio. “Our proprietary dynamic drivers produce frequencies below 150Hz more effectively than any multiple driver design. This produces audio with unmatched clarity at much lower volume levels, delivering audio to your ears in a more natural way,” says Garcia. Over the last 25 years, Garcia and Future Sonics have partnered with major artists like U2, Phil Collins, Reba McEntire, The Zac Brown Band, Shakira and Keith Urban. These relationships provide Future Sonics with the knowledge to produce healthier and safer professional earphones. “With so much marketing hype in the industry today, we rely on the experts, the artist themselves,” says Garcia. “It’s their passion for sound quality and hearing preservation, coupled with our award winning dynamic speakers that allow us to deliver the best audio year in and year out, from the stage to the iPod.”

FUTURE SONICS: Atrio® Special Edition (ASE) Earphones features include:

• The Power of 1, Future Sonics’ proprietary dynamic drivers produce frequencies below 150Hz more effectively than multiple driver designs, delivering audio the way your own ears would naturally hear
• New MG7 transducer and TrueTimbre™ audio quality produces rich, dynamic and full sound
• Lightweight design with multiple in-ear sleeves creates a custom fit and seal with natural noise-isolation characteristics
• A 18Hz – 20,000Hz Response, Sensitivity level of 112dB @ 30Hz, +/- 26 dB Ambient Noise Rejection providing unparalleled clarity and audio range
• Eco-friendly packaging and zipper case made from post consumer paper & plastic, plant fibers and reclaimed inner tube truck tires
• Available in special edition chocolate color

Each ASE comes stored in a unique case made with reclaimed-rubber taken from old inner tube truck tires. Like Future Sonics signature sound, each case has its own signature design. Being made from post consumer tires, every case has a distinctive pattern and look. The ASE’s are available at Airport Wireless, for $229.00.


Originally posted 2010-10-28 15:36:28.