With a new lead singer in Alima Soul, Neverwonder is taking on music venues in southern California with its CD, “Really Let it Out.”

“These songs are really about life experiences and relationships,” says Alima, who writes most of the melodies and lyrics for Neverwonder.

With the composition of Alima on lead vocals, backup vocalists Vincent Ramos on bass, his brother Andres Ramos on drums and Scott Ramsey on guitar, Neverwonder is based in Los Angeles.

“Really Let It Out,” contains the songs “Help Me,” “Enough,” “Let It Out,” and two versions of “Spinning.” Alima’s hard-hitting vocals at times waver with emotion, while the band’s full-throttle sound lend Neverwonder’s music a no-nonsense feel with lyrics to match.


Percussionist Dres Ramos says the daily grind can be anything but glamorous for rock musicians.

“People think being in a band is all partying and fun, but it’s a lot of work,” he says.

Bass player Vincent Ramos agrees that to get through the stress of finding venues, getting exposure and keeping up with the social-media landscape required today of musicians, band members have to stay focused and stay together.

“At the end of the day, band “X” breaks up, so you have to like the people you’re with,” says Vincent.

For more information on Neverwonder, go to neverwonder.com.



Originally posted 2014-03-26 00:44:25.