I was recently at a Chamber of Commerce mixer in Arizona and met Heather Schroeder, a trainer for a company called CaptionCall.


This company really peaked my interest for those DJ/Entertainers and Musicians who may have suffered some hearing loss due the the constant loud music we play. CaptionCall is a state of the art simple phone that has a large easy to read screen that displays captions of what the callers on the other end are saying. Just like your television set that has closed captioning, this phone does the same thing.


You don’t have to miss anything your family, friends or clients say to you, especially if you have loud noises going on in the background. It really is a confidence booster and makes communicating so much easier. The concept is fresh and easy. You dial and receive call normally and in a few seconds when the other party picks up and starts speaking you see everything on the telephone screen. But the best part of this phone it is a free service to see the captions on all your calls including voice mail.


The phone has a 7″ screen with adjustable text sizes. The CaptionCall phone can also be set up anywhere in your home with a wired or wireless connection. It will also store up to 200 contact numbers and caller ID photos as well.


To get started with CaptionCall, all you need is a high-speed internet connection, standard phone connection and an ordinary outlet. CaptionCall is located in Salt Lake City, UT and their website is www.CaptionCall.com. You may also call them toll free at (877) 557-2227. If you are an Arizona resident, you can call Heather Schroeder direct at (480) 258-9097. You may also reach her by e-mail at Hschroeder@captioncall.com.


Don’t miss out on another call. You owe it to yourself to hear and see things differently.