Well time does fly for sure.  Seems like I just played 2017 Winter NAMM and now here we are in July and time for Summer NAMM in Nashville.

I have played summer NAMM several times over the years so I sort of know the lay of the land. The major thing to deal with is the extremely hot weather. So with this in mind, I packed my wardrobe accordingly with lots of short sleeve shirts and tank tops for when I’m not playing in the show. I also have to keep it to a bare minimum in terms of stuff I take since I’m only allowed one piece of checked luggage and it can’t weigh more than 50 pounds. Keep in mind that I also have to take a little gear with me as well since I will be playing for my sponsors every day of the show.

For this trip, I’m just taking a little pedal board and my new guitar. I’m allowed to carry my guitar on the plane in a gig bag which is something I have always done. I also packed a couple tools in case I need to do any kind of maintance on my gear while I’m there. This stuff has to be packed in the checked luggage and not in anything carry on because the tools in this current climate would be considered weapons on a plane. I also pack a couple sets of strings just in case. (The humidity in Nashville is nuts and is really hard on your strings.) I play coated strings and they do hold up pretty good in the crazy Nashville heat but better safe than sorry.

It’s a good idea to make a list of everything you need to take just so you have less chance of forgetting something. (I always manage to forget something…) Anyway, it’s a good idea to figure out what you’re going to be doing while at the show.

I will be performing every day and then attending a few NAMM events at night. So I actually planned out my wardrobe for each day just so I could take the bare minimum stuff with me to keep weight down. This time I will also be doing a little local TV and a photo shoot so I had to pack for that as well. After it’s all packed now the important part, weighing it to make sure your luggage is under weight. I borrowed my girlfriends scale to make sure. Luckily I was under weight with a nice cushion.

One last thing–print out that boarding pass the night before and put it somewhere will you won’t forget it (I put mine in my gig bag…) Now I’m all packed up and next stop Nashville. Stay tuned for run down of my summer NAMM adventures.