Summer NAMM – The PR 20 UT (Utility) from Heil Sound is a lower cost version of the highly successful PR 20. Related: Reconnecting With Peter Frampton

Specifications and performance characteristics are identical to the PR 20: wide frequency range, the ability to handle +140 dB SPL, -35 dB of rear rejection and natural articulation. The PR 20 UT microphone is perfect for live vocal and instrument applications as well as recording studios or broadcast use. Heil Sound’s president and founder Bob Heil says the lower price point was achieved by "streamlining" the packaging, “The PR 20 is shipped standard with an abundance of accessories including gold, silver and black screw-on grill screens that are interchangeable, and a thick padded carrying case. While many customers appreciate and use these items, there is a large group of musicians, sound companies and contractors who need a simple ‘one-take’ PR 20. By streamlining the packaging, we can dramatically lower the price without one single alteration to the microphone itself. It is a PR 20 without the bling.”

MSRP is $115.00



Originally posted 2009-07-18 13:19:01.