With the new VoiceSolo FX150 is n all-in-one PA system, vocal monitor, instrument amplifier and vocal reverb unit.Featuring a custom designed 6.5″ 2-way coaxial driver from legendary loudspeaker company Tannoy, VoiceSolo FX150 delivers exceptional musical clarity and a full range punch. The expert voicing of the driver means that more volume and power is drawn from the 150 Watts than any other system in the same class.
Press “Vocal Tone” and singers get intelligent EQ that adapts automatically to their voice and adds compression, de-essing and gating for a tight, professional sound. In addition, users have the choice between 9 studio-grade reverb styles to add that extra sheen to their vocal performance – or their instrument sound.
VoiceSolo FX150 hands musicians the controls to dial-in a superb personal mix on-the-fly. With an ultra-low noise, 3-channel digital mixer, it offers independent 3-band EQ on each channel and fast editing control of all features. It’s as easy as pressing the button for the level or parameter that needs changing and then using the universal “Edit” knob to fine-tune the mix. Users can also connect their mp3-player to the Aux input and rehearse with their favorite tracks using the “Voice Cancel” feature to seamlessly blend in their voice.
TC-Helicon’s Easy Grip mounting system lets anyone set up in seconds – no special parts or time-wasting assembly needed. Simply snap the FX150 onto the mic-stand and it’s show time.  Furthermore, the special monitor design allows for accurate wedge angling, stand-alone or desktop placement.
TC-Helicon believes that users will find that not only is FX150 the ideal Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) system for guitar, it faithfully delivers the deep Oomph of bass like you would not believe. In fact, throw any instrument at it and FX150 will do it justice. Want to drown an instrument in reverb, yet keep the vocals relatively clean? Just use the simple reverb edit controls to set each level accordingly.
Multi-purpose functionality requires multi-purpose connectivity, and FX150 comes fully prepared. High-quality mic preamps, phantom power for condenser microphones and XLR/TRS combo inputs let users connect any microphone or instrument. It’s even possible to send a dry signal to an external mixer using the THRU output, while enjoying a personal “More Me” mix and FX on stage. Perfect for when the house engineer needs to control the outboard mix separately.