Tannoy’s new Reveal 402, 502 and 802 monitors are a completely new line of active studio monitors is voiced to bring a massive sweet spot to personal studios everywhere.  The new range consists of an ultra-compact 4-inch, a versatile 5-inch and an extremely powerful 8-inch model all of which offer several input options including Tannoy’s AUX Link using the included 15’ (5m) mini jack cable.
Each Reveal in this new range has been custom tweaked by Tannoy’s in-house speaker legend, Dr. Paul Mills and, according to Tannoy, he has produced absolutely impeccable timing in the crossover filters. This is the key behind the widened sweet spot, making it possible to maintain stereo imaging of the mix for musicians who are moving around in the studio or inviting others to sit in during mixing sessions.
The Reveal 402 provides a large monitor sound in an ultra-compact design.
Frequency Response: 56-48kHz
Amplifier Output Power: 50 Watts
Max SPL: 101 dB
Driver Configuration: 4” Woofer / ¾” Tweeter
The Reveal 502 offers premium tonal clarity across musical styles (available exclusively at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend in the US).
Frequency Response: 49-43kHz
Amplifier Output Power: 75 Watts
Max SPL: 108 dB
Driver Configuration: 5” Woofer / 1” Tweeter
The Reveal 802  provides rock-solid bottom end at any volume.
Frequency Response: 42-43kHz
Amplifier Output Power: 100 Watts
Max SPL: 114 dB
Driver Configuration: 8” Woofer / 1” Tweeter


Originally posted 2014-01-25 15:15:05.