I lost count sometime ago but I think this was either my 24th or 25th Winter NAMM show. NAMM (in case you don’t know) is the acronym for National Association of Music Merchants. Founded in 1901, it was, back in the day, a trade group for manufacturers, distributors and dealers of musical instruments. With the advent of recording, electronics and computers, its focus has expanded to cover the entire range of music products.

On the surface, that all sounds pretty mundane and boring, except that twice a year, NAMM members assemble to introduce their latest and greatest creations to the musical universe. The high-point of the year is the annual Winter NAMM Show, held at the ever expanding Anaheim Convention Center right across the street from Disneyland. This year, that event ran January 24th through 27th, with many of the products introduced making their way to your favorite local or online music dealer during the first and second quarters of the year.

On this Web site, we’ve posted a sampling of new products introduced at NAMM (more to come) and we encourage you to check out our secular sister site, Live2PlayNetwork, for additional news and product intros from NAMM. I’ve posted a few links below. By the way, NAMM is a trade only event, and not open to the public.

With that as a backdrop, it probably goes without saying that within such a huge gathering of people who’s main obsession is music, the Christian music community would be well represented, and in fact, it is. Being that the outer bounds of music making have yet to be defined, it’s common to see believers salivating over a new guitar, keyboard or piece of PA gear right along side their secular brothers.

That said, being that NAMM covers all genres of music, the predominance of the secular world is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are opportunities to, for lack of a better word, escape. Three or four years ago, WATS Night Of Worship was introduced, to spotlight Praise and Worship music and Christian artists. At this year’s presentation, Peter Fuller, The Norm Stockton Group and Benton Brown with Worship Republic played an inspiring 3+ hour concert for an audience of well over 2500 (my estimate). The sound, lighting and video was of the highest quality—a true showcase of how technology is changing the presentation of Christian music.

Below: Norm Stockton

Click on image above for more photos from the WATS Night Of Worship


In addition to the WATS Night Of Worship, this year marked the return of the Christian Musician Chapel on sunday morning. This event was, for many years, a staple at NAMM presented by Ultimate Support Systems. When Ultimate was acquired a few year’s ago, the new owners discontinued the sunday morning gathering. Thanks to Bruce Adolph at CMS / Christian Musician / Worship Musician Magazine (and several friends in the Christian music community) that event returned this year providing Christians attending NAMM a much needed time of meditation and worship within the very hectic, and often quite loud, schedule that is NAMM. More importantly, the sunday morning chapel is an outstretched arm, casually welcoming non-believers within the NAMM community to experience the true hope and satisfaction that is found—not in a new piece of gear—but in our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

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