This year, I’m sure there were several of those items, I just had a hard time finding one.




Every year when I attend NAMM I always try to find something that “pops” to me.  This year, I’m sure there were several of those items, I just had a hard time finding one. What I did find once again, were many many things that were improvements or changes to existing things we already may own, such as small digital mixers, speaker syetems, and of course…instruments.


After several days and several miles of walking on the NAMM floors, I felt I had come to grips with the fact that I wasn’t going to find that one item that sparked me.  At that time, I was walking down an aisle with a bass player friend and we heard what sounded like someone playing along to the song “Limelight” by Rush.  This struck me as different as in every other booth it was either live musicians or DJ based.  We decided to stick our heads into the booth and saw someone standing there seeming to be playing a version of “guitar Hero” on a PS3, but with an actual bass guitar….THIS intrigued me.


Upon entering the booth, we watched then met Dan when he finished the song.  What they had to me was revolutionary.  They had introduced a gaming product called “BANDFUSE – Rock Legends”.  This new game actually frequency maps the notes, attacks, and pitch-bends, and timing of real notes played on a bass, electric guitar, or vocal mic.  The game utilizes actual audio stems of  songs supplied by the record labels to allow you to play along or sing with REAL songs on your ACTUAL instrument.  The game ships with 55 songs, and they are adding a minimum of 10 new downloadable songs every month.  


Not only is this game a great tool for musicians to both practice with and to learn new songs correctly, but it seemed to me the tool to finally bridge the gap and allow for teenagers learn an instrument by bypassing the stage of not wanting to practice to learn an instrument and utilizing the gaming that so many of them are addicted to.  I could easily have just asked for a free demo based on press, but we were so impressed at it’s accuracy and the need for it’s existence that we both immediately logged onto Amazon and purchased the game to support Bandfuse.   When we left the booth, we went over to the Spector Bass booth to hang and told John Moyer, the bass player from Disturbed about it.  He had us drag him back there, where he played a Filter song then “Hanger 18” by Megadeth and fell in love with it also.  That was 3 sales in 10 minutes!


You can find BANDFUSE – Rock Legends on the web at  IT can also be purchased thru online outlets such as Amazon.  It is currently available for both PS3 and XBOX360 gaming systems.


The product has been in development for 2 years, and the company employs 12 people who I really want to give a high five to for a great new product…one I would never have expected to find at NAMM, but was perfectly at home being showcased there.  I’ll also be posting a video about this here on L2P once it’s edited down. ?