Maybe its been just too many NAMM shows, but I rarely come looking forward to great things. This year, i got slapped in the face with just how cool this businees can be and just how much innovation can happen in just a year. 


The show does not even officially start for another nine hours and i already have enough stuff to write about, review and keep the whole team busy with for months. We had competing press conferences. Presonsus starting at 4 at the Marriott and the Music Group (Behringer) starting at 5 at the Hilton. 


We have video clips from the presentations below. We will be talking a lot about smart speakers made for bands and musicians in the coming months. And neither of these compnaies was screwing around. On the studio monitor side, Behringer turned to Keith Klawitter who founded a little company called KRK. Presonus recruited Dave Gunness who has been making speaker history for years with EV and EAW and lately with his own company, Fulcrum Acoustics.


Here is a taste of blues dude Keb’Mo doing his thing through the new Presonus AI.



We’re talking massive amonts of power and the same DSP engine that is in the new StudioLive console (see below). You can even connect each speaker to a wireless network and control EQ (31-band graphic and 8-band prametric), delay, level, mute and solo all from an iPad from anywhere in the room.


Over at the Music Group, the speaker thing was all about networking, too—as in connect everything via simple Cat5 cables. Again, crazy amounts of power and control, and the whole networking thing ties seamlessly into the X32 console.


Ahhhh… Consoles…


Again, wild stuff from both companies. One moving up in size and the other down. 


Behringer took the guts of the X32 (which has already sold in excess of 26K units since about June of 2012) and put it into a smaller frame called the X32 Compact. Same inside. Different physical frame size.


There’s more. They took all of that mixing power and Midas mic preamps and put it into not one but several different 16 channel formats. And being all of them have the guts of the larger X32, you can get the same performance by adding a couple of stage boxes to the audio network. There is an X16, an X16 compact even an X16 rack mount version.



Presonus, on the other hand, went big. If youe read the reviews or watched the videos, you know we have been and remain big fans of the StudioLive 24.4.2. I just wish it had more inputs and more mix outputs. (Hey, I run a 10-piece band. I need lots of monitor mixes.) Well, wish granted. The StudioLive 32.4.2 is NOT just its smaller sibling with more I/O. It also has a hugely increased DSP capacity and about a billion times more RAM. Tons of cool features we will get into later but one of my fve things is the ability to do 14 mono or 7 stereo mixes for those crazy ones like me with a large band and everyone on IEMs.

OK, that’s it for now. It’s late. Show starts early and I still have video to edit. Stay tuned brothers and sisters. Looks like this is going to be a pretty wild four-day ride.



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