On the other hand, as a recent high school grad, Cale is probably too young to even know who J.J. Cale and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins are or were (respectively). On their latest release, Random Acts Of Confusion,  Cale and his band (a trio) explore a variety of musical styles from jazz/blues funk and fusion to guitar-driven rock. Personally, I find the jazz/blues tracks to be the strongest, really bringing out the strength of songwriting and passion for the delivery. One of the better tracks, “Rise Above”, is available as a free download. Besure to give a listen to “Know Why”, It’s a simple production (just Cale and keys) with solid soulful sound and a great hook. You can listen to the rest of tracks for free as well, and then download what you like.

Originally posted 2010-08-13 13:47:30.