Which “time zone” do YOU live in?


2 in the past – positive and negative

2 in the present – hedonistic and fatalist

2 in the future –  positive and negative

Are you…

1. Past Negative

American Idol Judges Time Zones Blog Edan Mizrahi

Perhaps you’ve heard some of these examples


a) “If I only had vocal lessons and a better support system, I could’ve ‘made it’ on American Idol.”

b) “I stopped listening to Dylan ever since he sold out (check commercial), I can’t believe him- how dare he.”


c) “Music is not what it used to be.” (extra bonus)

2. Past Positive
American Idol Judges Time Zones Blog2 Edan Mizrahi


a) “I once played with  ___________ , ___________ ,___________ ,___________ ,___________ ___________, ___________ , good times, excellent vibes, great sessions.
b) “I tried out for American Idol last week. Even though I didn’t get through, I gained some valuable lessons.”

3. Present Fatalist

Dalai Lama TIme Zones Blog3 Edan Mizrahi


a) “I’m a very spiritual person, therefore whatever notes come out “I accept and surrender.”

b) “It was meant to be that I didn’t get the gig, other opportunities will arise when the time is right.”

4. Present Hedonic

Playing Live Time Zones Blog4 Edan Mizrahi


a) “There’s no greater feeling than being on stage. The pleasure I get from playing live is indescribable.”

b) “We should really think about firing our guitar player. He/she’s playing way to many notes – perhaps seeking attention and not thinking of our band as the complementary collective we sought out to be.”

5. Future Negative

Time Zones Blog5 Edan Mizrahi


a) “If only people understood ‘true art forms,’ my jazz quartet would get gigs and a record deal.”

b) “Because people want 600,000 songs on their iPod, shortly, we will never hear real music ever again.”

6. Future Positive

The Future is Now Time Zones Blog6 Edan Mizrahi


a) “Perhaps they will come out with new codecs (improvements or variations to the “ubiquitous mp3”) so that we will be able to listen to a clean and crisp track in just kilobytes!!!  ?

b) “I embrace the advances in music technology. There will always be room for both acoustic and digital mediums to co-exist.”


– E.M.

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