Touring around the world, whether for festivals, concerts, or seminars, I have known for some time that the role of socialization plays a big part in my travels. Old and new friends meet up with me along the way and when I have a few days to spend in one place, my visits become less like a one night party and more like an opportunity to relax and spend more time with my fellow humans.

Getting to know people around the world in a work environment and outside the business arena, when we all tend to let our hair down (well maybe not me), makes every trip more meaningful and pleasurable. Rather than just touring from town to town, I need to stay connected and keep things in perspective.

I have always liked to connect with my audiences during my performances or when teaching. Each event becomes more than being about me. It’s about us and that us is everyone involved – myself, the audience, the lights and sound folks, the volunteers and hosts or promoters of the event, the media, and even whatever pets might be roaming about.

That is the beauty of the MusikMesse. It fits in with the other very cool venues I have traveled to as this Music Fair offers music, friendship, and the chance to sample various aspects of a number of different cultures. There are opportunities to share music and stories, plus experiences – as I was delighted to discover my failure in trying to dry my face while not blocking the door to the men’s toilet was not unique.

Tune in to Richard’s music/video channel as he shares more voices from around the world.

Originally posted 2010-04-29 16:16:29.