Prior to my visit to the lovely town of Heidleberg, I was once again thoroughly entertained by the unique sounds heard at MusikMesse as I wandered from hall to hall during the limited breaks in my own performance schedule. 


It was impossible to venture out for a coffee or lunch break without stopping to bathe in all the musical sounds coming from various parts of the complex – from a beautiful Marimba player to the jaw dropping renditions of the music of the Mississippi River by the Czech Republic performers, Bena and Ptaszek. My friends from Dan Moi provided some great entertainment and unusual sounds as they demonstrated their various bird tweets, pig nose flutes, and harps.

In addition to checking out the multitude of manufacturers representing their various wares and instruments, I found myself fascinated with the sounds of the many different languages swirling about as I strolled the aisles. Sven Otto, whom I consider one of the most personable folks at the show, was kind enough to share a moment speaking with me about his thoughts on MusikMesse. I interviewed a few more folks about their experiences and was rewarded with their comments in their native languages. In the next chapter, I will share a few more conversations that made up the many sounds at MusikMesse.









In the meantime, catch these videos I took at MusikMesse on the Richard Gilewitz Music Channel at:

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