Once again I had one of my great thrills of the touring year with my third visit to the Frankfurt, Germany MusikMesse where, like the NAMM shows in the USA, musical visitors from all over the world gather for this annual European extravaganza.

In this series I intend to cover some of the musicians who traveled from all parts of the globe to attend this fair, their music and also take a look at the outlying communities around Frankfurt. During this monthly travel adventure series I plan to introduce some fascinating players from the show, street buskers, artists, fellow musicians, music equipment manufacturers, a castle, and quite possibly, a pretty cool looking dog.


As always following any trade show, it is a lot of fun and a necessary part of these types of trips to pay a visit to neighboring towns before boarding the plane for the long ride back home. Join me for a brief visit to historic Heidelberg with its town markets, the River Neckar, and the highly recommended train ride that took me away from the hustle and bustle of plunkity- bangity- thunkity- clang background noise of MusikMesse.

The castle at Heidelberg is part of a 2 hour walking tour. Plan to allow time to see all of the sights.  The River Neckar flows through the Neckar Valley and ships take visitors up and down the Valley on pleasure trips lasting about 2 to 3 hours. 

Taking the train from Frankfurt to Heidelberg and then back again proved to be a great way to see some sights, rest up a bit from all the walking at MusikMesse, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of modern travel in Germany.