Every new musicial artist’s goal is to have his or her music heard but achieving this is not always an easy feat. While most new artists face the challenge in figuring out how to get their music noticed, there are many resources out there to help build music visibility. Many of those resources are available on the information highway and

include garageband.com, sonicbids.com and music myspace. Don’t forget to create a Facebook page to promote those sites to steer traffic to your music pages, which will enhances opportunity for getting your music heard and in developing a fan base, which sets you a part from being that needle in the haystack. Nowadays, there are computer software programs where you can have your own virtual studio, allowing you to record and master your music without even needing a label. Programs like the iMac Garage Band can be instrumental for laying down multiple tracks and doing studio type mastering. To push your music out there, Tunecore, an online gateway for music and video distribution, gives you the power to release your music on to such music sites as iTunes and Rhapsody. You can learn more about tunecore by visiting tunecore.com. With the resources available on the Internet and computer technology’s ability to create digital files, the world is really an artist’s oyster. All you need to do is take advantage of what is out there. Feel free to respond back with any comments and/or questions. That’s my tip for the day. Thanks for reading!

Originally posted 2008-11-26 22:48:22.