LR Baggs continues to be a strong member of the team with their consistent support. During the Miami International Guitar Festival they contributed one of their M1 sound hole magnetic pickups along with a staple in their product line, a Para DI pre-amp unit that comes with my favorite features of a 5 band eq, dual output, trim level adjustment and phantom power.


Held at the Frost School

 of Music at The University of Miami, many of the attending players were more familiar with the world of the nylon string classical guitar and its repertoire. It was a real treat for me to once again offer up the playing techniques and repertoire from the steel string world to their arena.


The winners in the drawing for the pickup and pre amp just happened to be steel string owners. However, I could really see that many of the classical players were highly intrigued, particularly during a demonstration when I brought out my 12-string jumbo guitar. I tuned it into an open G banjo style tuning and pitched it down 1 ½ steps from concert pitch, creating a lion- like roar.

The students’ eyes seemed to widen even further as I introduced them to the concept of effectively using special effects when combined with the pickup and pre-amp unit. In my next chapters I will talk about using special effects to create mood and sounds. I can’t thank Dr. Rene Gonzalez, Festival Director, enough for giving me the opportunity to expose the young players of today with something to add to their musical worlds as they proceed down their own paths of musical discoveries.

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