Another major contributor to the 2010 Miami International Guitar Festival was D’Addario Strings/Planet Waves, who batted 1000 when they supplied the students with a variety of strings (classical, steel and 12 string), t-shirts, peg winders, humidifiers, guitar polishes, and much more – filling up the players bags before they could even get trick or treat out of their mouths.

D’Addario/Planet Waves has been one of my most beloved sponsors who consistently support my concerts, clinics, and workshops. They certainly earned a top position on my line up when huge boxes of swag and goodies arrive at my dates in America as well as around the world from Ireland to New Zealand.

During a month-long tour of New Zealand in 2009, I played in Invercargill and Gore for the first time in five tours.  Invercargill is one of the southernmost cities in the world, unless there’s a condo complex in Antarctica I don’t know about, yet. You may know a bit about Invercargill if you have seen the terrific film, “The World’s Fastest Indian” and Anthony Hopkins’ wonderful portrayal of local hero, Burt Munro.












In the spirit of true global outreach, D’Addario Strings/Planet Waves sent enough swag to musically feed the Southland players for a season and sent a message to the next generation of players – the “mothership” of strings has arrived and is here to stay.




 Editor’s Note: Tune in to “Richard Gilewitz Meets Protor” as Richard talks cables and strings to a fan.

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