Making music is fun, exciting & inspiring to others. Music is a great release & hobby if you make it for YOURSELF. But once you want to get paid for playing your own music or sell your CDs or downloads. NOW you are in the MUSIC ‘BUSINESS’! You must be aware you are competing with the superstars & greatest artists in the world for the consumers’ attention & ‘pocketbook’!  To be competitive you must build your own demand for consumers, ticket buyers for your shows, and demand for companies to buy, sell & license your material. You must invest in yourself to build up all the areas of potential demand building things, like any business, to create sales & interest: press/media, radio & video play, TV appearances, retail exposure, online buzz & traffic, and successful financial turnouts at your live events! Not just good ‘artistic performances’, but financial successes for the clubs, venues & promoters you are performing at!
The Old idea, that ‘someone’ else is going to do ALL that work & somehow give YOU the ‘profits’ is outdated & unrealistic. An old business adage says ‘those that takes the risks, gets the rewards!’ Making music is no longer a risk, anyone with a computer & software can do that, the risk is in creating the demand with all the mentioned areas! YOU are the artist should be the one seeking the BEST REWARDS you can from your music, you have the MOST to gain, from being able to make it a ‘career’ & do music fulltime! Finding a backer, family supporter or sponsor is WAY better to get a Professional Campaign funded to market your music, than the ‘old fashioned’ idea of signing away ALL your rights & profits to a ‘label’, that may not have YOUR best interests at heart!  PLUS the ‘major labels’ are floundering & getting out of the ‘new artist’ business & exploiting their previous recorded superstar catalogs! Look at LA Reid, head of Universal (#1 music label in the world) just quit this week to be a judge on Simon Cowell’s TV Show!   DO IT YOURSELF, BUT NOT BY YOURSELF!
Saw a couple companies worth checking out: Christian Howes Strings  record live strings at affordable prices, helping producers make their music stand out above the fray. The team of string players produces solo violin to 60 piece orchestras from a ‘cloud" of home studios by overdubbing individually recorded takes of each instrument. They’re all classically trained improvisers as well!  Who wouldn’t add gorgeous string arrangements to their music if it were affordable?  Rather than hiring contractors, arrangers, individual players, and studio time, you can consolidate these services remotely and save by working with the string team. Check out samples of their work here:
Also PROTECT YOUR EARS! They are your MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS! You can always replace a guitar or drum, but your ears CAN’T be repaired if permanently damaged! Loud music can be ‘cool’, but ‘ear damage’ is a career ender to a music pro that needs his ‘ears’!  Best pro plugs we’ve found are DOC’S PRO PLUGS! Check them out at :   You’ll thank us years from now, rather than saying ‘What?!’

Originally posted 2011-03-22 23:19:48.