But this time, it was not Britney who stomped off stage, it was Morrissey. The singer abruptly left the stage during his set at the Coachella festival in California last Friday after screaming to the crowd that he could “smell burning flesh”. Well, yea. It’s a festival and there were probably some hots and burgers grilling nearby. Now, If a singer finds the smell of meat cooking offensive, then he should have known better than to take a gig at an outdoor festival in the first place. And what if it had really been Bobby Flay just grilling up some slices of fresh Zuchini? Would that have been equally offensive?

Now, I fully respect his right to eat whatever he wants whenever he wants, but when I’ve bought and paid for a ticket (I wasn’t there, I speak only as an advocate on behalf of the fans who were thoroughly pissed by the performer’s actions) I expect a performance or at least an apology and some form of compensation (maybe a free burger?). To make matters worse, some festival goers claimed that he followed his “Smell burning flesh” remark with, “And I hope to God it’s human.” Now that IS offensive, vegetarian or not.

One contributor to the Coachella message board said the 49 year old singer was “totally choked up and gagged on his way through ‘Some Girls’ and left the stage only to come back and gag some more”. A contributor from the fan site Morrissey-Solo said: “I know a lot of people think he’s being precious about the smell of burning flesh, but I wholeheartedly agree with Morrissey; it’s hard to be joyous and uplifting when you’re confronted with something that you find so offensive.” Well then, to quote the late Harry Chapin, “Full time consideration of another endeavour, might be in order.” (Morrissey was formerly with The Smiths, who released an album called Meat Is Murder in 1985).

Earlier in the month, Britney Spears left the stage for more than 30 minutes at a concert in Vancouver when she deemed the atmosphere too “smoky.” During the unplanned intermission, ushers went through the crowd telling people it was a non-smoking facility and they had better cut it out, while that cool music they play during hockey games blared through the P.A. (According to People Magazine: When she did return, Spears, 27, delivered a well-received Bollywood take on “Me Against the Music,” followed by “Everytime” – during which she asked the crowd “What’s up, Vancouver?” before she again left the stage, some 90 seconds before the end of the song. The concert concluded with Spears singing “Womanizer” and advising the still-restless crowd, “Vancouver, don’t smoke weed.” Her sign-off was also peppered with a couple of X-rated expletives and a warning to “drive safe.”)

Personally, I think both artists have lost site of the fact that they work for the fans, just as any of us do, and you don’t just walk out on your fans just because a few happen to enjoy a burger, fries and a smoke. – Posted By Robert Lindquist, L2PNetwork Minister of Operations but does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the L2P Network

Originally posted 2009-04-21 20:30:11.