I had recently wrote a blog about what I believed were the top ten traits needed to make it in this wacky business that we like to call the music industry.  How naïve’ of me to think that there were only ten: there’s more.


But before we trudge on and look at these late additions to the list, let’s review the original ten in the David Letterman time-honored style of the inverted order countdown.


10. Persistence

9. Patience

8. Education

7. Practice

6. Fortitude

5. Looks

4. Charisma

3. Intelligence

2. Money


and, finally…


1. The Intangible.


I won’t go into any further details on the above.  If you’re interested in the how or why, clicking any of those traits will take you to the original page which explains their placement on the list and their importance.


As I was out on a recent bike ride and fairly much feeling pleased with the completeness of the list, the little curls on the edge of my lips started a downward decline.  I thought of one that was equally important that I didn’t think of before.


And then another.


So, now I would like to make the first amendments to the list.  And, please note that I said first, because I am certain I am only one bike ride away from figuring out what I’m missing now.


5. Have A Plan.


Many musicians just search for their next audition or their next band, and then hope that they chanced into something with legs or wings.  But, unless that band or artist that the audition was for is already successful, they may find themselves rehearsing without end.


Or rehearsing and playing some club with the promise of little or no pay before heading back to the garage for more rehearsal…to go play another club in the future of the same ilk: wash, rinse, repeat.


The start of any good plan is the objective: the result you want after its completion.  Then, backtracking, the steps to get to that goal are deciphered…or at least to the degree they can be.




Another tract would be to set a short term goal (i.e. start making money at a gig, or building a fan base beyond just friends and family), and the one the follows the completion of that.  A string of short term goals equals a long term goal.


Planning is good: goals with timeframes and deadlines are even better…they help move things along.






Originally posted 2014-01-01 21:08:38.