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4. Sacrifice


This one is huge, because not only does success (for all but the most lucky) require huge sacrifices, but thousands of little ones along the way.


And, this can also be a confusing one.


For example: you have a goal.  You plan for your goal.  Your plan requires money (gear purchase, funding a recording project, supporting a tour).  You earn the money, get the gear and record the project, but booking the supporting tour is difficult.


Maybe the club you want to play doesn’t have the time slots open during your day gig’s scheduled vacation.  Maybe the venue has have later dates available, but it is during your job’s big trade show, your 10 year wedding anniversary or your kids’ birthday.


I have been at band meetings where the members where looking to see if everyone in the band was committed to the ultimate goal of going pro.  The common voiced response was, “yeah, if we’re going on the road, gigging and the money’s there, I’m in.  I’ll quit my job.”


Well, of course you would.  Anybody would.


Going on the road when there’re gigs and good money is easy.  Sacrificing to the point that gets your band to that point is the hard part.  Can you, or are you willing to, go out on the road with the gamble of breaking even?


In a recent conversation with a successful manager, he voiced the above scenario like this: Are you willing to take the leap of faith?








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