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1. Luck


Sometimes all the stars and cosmic tumblers line up and the seemly impossible happens.  These stories pop up all the time.  The producer’s car breaks down.  Seeking out a pay phone he wanders into the restaurant where he hears singing coming from the kitchen…he ends up signing Aretha Franklin.


Okay, I just made that story up; but we have all heard stories about some magical chance event that led to the success of some superstar: pure dumb luck.


And I hope that happens for each and everyone one of my brethren out there.


But there is another definition of luck:  The ability to recognize an opportunity and taking advantage of it.


This isn’t to say that you can create luck, but you can help determine if it is going to be good luck or bad.


Someone keeps looking at you at the department store.  Do you ignore it and walk on, or do you say to that person, “hey, you look kind of familiar.  Have we met before?”


Or, riding on a elevator, someone says, “I love your band.”


Do you have you wits about yourself?  Can you engage to see if you can get them out to another show, or maybe find if they can advance your career is some way?


Just a “thanks, here’s my band’s card: we’re always looking for an opportunity to play” might be enough to get those cosmic wheels turning.


Usually, it’s not a single event that leads to success; it is a series of events.  And some of them may not seem that significant at time: a chance conversation, placing a thank you phone call, loaning a cable to the other band on the bill…it could be anything.


Just about every successful artist can tell you the one point where they lucked into a fortuitive situation that changed their lives forever. 


Be ready for yours.


– Jake Kelly


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