The original SRM450 from Mackie was the first powered portable loudspeaker—hitting the marks with high power, great sound quality and an affordable price—The new SRM450 and SRM350 SRMs simplify setup at the gig and produce results that are are stunning for speakers at this price.

The all-new SRM450 and SRM350 meet the high-output demands of modern portable applications with powerful new 1000W amplifier and custom drivers. For quick set-up, you just choose between the four application-specific speaker modes, which essentially re-voice the SRM for the specific application. There’s also a built-in is intelligent feedback destroyer—a great tool sound check. Here’s how it works: Push a button and the SRM instantly identifies and eliminates feedback using up to four narrow 1/16th octave filters.


These two new SRMs benefit from Mackie’s HD Audio Processing, which combines acoustic correction DSP with optimization features like a precision crossover and driver time alignment and phase correction. The result, according to Mackie, is ‘Premium, professional sound quality that is noticeably more open and natural than competitive designs.” The SRM450 and SRM350 also include an integrated 2-channel mixer.


With Wide-Z™ inputs, just connect and easily mix multiple sources without the need for a separate mixer. There’s a wide range of mounting options and a rugged, lightweight polypropylene cabinet, SRM is extremely durable and portable. based the lagacy of the original SRMs, these new models should prove to be a great choice for the singer/songwriter, DJ and general sound reinforcement, and mackie has actually lowered the price.

 The SRM450 will have a U.S. MSRP of $629.99. The SRM350 will have a U.S. MSRP of $519.99 – Projected availabily: Mid-late June.

Originally posted 2014-03-12 10:58:58.