Oooooo. It always scares the tar out of me when I have to review another ‘80s band. If you’re going to do a retro thing—and borrow from ‘80s pop—you have no choice but to get it right. Miss the mark by a beat and it just sounds cheap and corny. The ‘80s remains a benchmark for authentic experimental music with a certain innocence, unmarred (at least at first) by commerciality. It was music that just happened, and it happened to be great. So enter these two guys from Vegas, barely old enough to remember the ‘80s, let alone the late ‘70s. Somehow, they got it perfect. At first listen, I was totally taken a back. This is modern music, cleanly done for the new millennia yet spiritually one with the music of the ‘80s. I’m hearing shades of Human League, Thomas Dolby, WHAM, Tears for Fears and even 10CC. Forget “retro,” this is more like what the ‘80s would have sounded like if Britney, Rap, Hip-Hop and various other musical forms hadn’t derailed it. Modern Science is Kane Churko (vocals, guitar) and Mike McHugh (Bass, backing vocals). The two teamed up in 2006 after McHugh discovered Churko’s music on MySpace. The Chicago native was immediately drawn to Churko’s pop sensibilities. Intensifying the result of this collaboration is the production quality of the duo’s debut album. It’s far above what you would expect for a first effort and can be attributed to the family bloodline. Churko’s dad is Kevin Churko, whose production work can be heard on albums by Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain and Phil Collins to name a few. He also produced, co-wrote and engineered Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Rain album and co-produced and engineered Modern Science’s debut CD. The producer may deserve a bit of the credit for the excellent sound of the recording, but it’s still these two band mates who understand perfectly how to combine modern music with Modern Science. Robert Lindquist, L2PNetwork

Originally posted 2009-05-07 15:08:10.