Turn your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad into a Music Production Studio

The only one of its kind, MIDI Mobilizer™ is the most portable MIDI system ever. Connect it to an Apple iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to play, record, and backup MIDI information any time, any place.

Following the announcement earlier this summer of the free MIDI Mobilizer Third Party Developer Program, there are now over 70 app developers around the world working on adding MIDI Mobilizer support!

Techno-styled, full featured virtual recording studio complete with 16 sample trigger pads, comprehensive sequencer, sample editor, mixer, 10 FX units.

Music Studio
This complete music production environment boasts features and sound quality previously available only to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

NLogSynth PRO
Pro version with 192 amazing factory sounds, more powerful synth features and other great features.

Pianist Pro
88-key virtual piano with photo-realistic graphics,professional sound, full recording and overdub facility, multiple instruments, and more.

NLog MIDI Synth
Professional virtual analog synth with pro-grade sounds (including a collection from a pro producer) plus over 100 parameters and editing options.

MIDI file playback sequencer for live performance. Real-time modification of MIDI file parameters including song-tempo, key change, instrument assignment and more.

MIDI Surface
A full-featured MIDI control surface for iPhone and iPod Touch. It features a real-time MIDI keyboard, slider, drum pads, and XY controller surface

16-voice SoundFont sampler/synth with SMF player can be used as as keyboard instrument, MIDI sound module or MIDI player.

Little MIDI Machine
Analog-style MIDI step sequencer with mute and un-mute notes, skip steps, reverse the sequencer, adjustable clock speed, and more.

S1MIDI Trigger
Totally configurable MIDI control surface for drums and other instruments.

A MIDI step polyphonic arpeggiator that transmits MIDI notes to be used with any sequencer, virtual instrument (VSTi, Audio Unit) or MIDI synthesizer.

We think you’ll agree that developers are doing an amazing job of harnessing the power of the Apple devices and turning them into serious music-making MIDI machines — all made possible by MIDI Mobilizer. It’s a great time to think about adding a MIDI Mobilizer to your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad — prepare to be completely amazed at how much you can do with such tiny, affordable gear… and how great it can sound!

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Originally posted 2010-11-29 04:19:41.