Here’s an interesting video of a stage-floor microphone being run over by a truck. The soundtrack is the live audio signal from the microphone shown in the video. If you ever wondered what it sounds like to be run over by a truck, now you know!



A stage-floor microphone is a mic used in theaters, on the stage floor near the footlights, to pick up actors in plays and musicals. It’s also called an area mic, because it picks up over a broad area, unlike a headworn wireless mic which picks up just one actor. It’s also called a foot mic because it’s near the footlights, or a backup mic because it provides a backup in case an actor’s wireless mic fails.

Since this video was created, the TM-125 has been upgraded with sleeker styling and flatter frequency response. The new model is called the Stage Floor Mic, available at



Bruce Bartlett

Originally posted 2009-07-14 21:01:47.