Summer NAMM – Revolutionary residue-free foam kills 99.9% of germs and deodorizes to protect artists from the health hazards of shared microphones.

Microphome LLC, a music industry start-up company, has announced the immediate availability of its namesake product, Microphome™, a safe and easy-to-use disinfectant/deodorizer for microphones. Available in individual 50 ml bottles and in a complete cleaning kit, this unique fast-drying cleaning foam takes only two minutes to use and kills 99.9% of all germs. Microphome is perfect for every performer, venue and sound company that cares about the health, safety and sanitary condition of their microphones. Recording studios, rehearsal halls, karaoke clubs, churches, and broadcasters will also benefit.

Microphome comes in a handy 50 ml bottle – enough for over 100 applications. The secret to its effectiveness lies in its alcohol-free formula and foam aeration system. The antimicrobial cleaning fluid is pumped in a measured dose of gently aerated foam that clings to the external microphone surface, never touching the internal electronics, then completely dissipates within two minutes.

Founder and CEO Tommy McCoy explains: “In my years as a musician, I’ve had to use a lot of mics that – well, who knows what might be living on there from the previous users? And there was no product on the market to address it. That’s what inspired me to develop Microphome – to help artists protect themselves and others. It helps keep the artists healthy and makes the mics safe to share. It’s also easy to use, so it can be part of your routine maintenance. No more nasty mics!”

Using Microphome is simple. Just squirt one dose of the foam onto a lint-free cloth or the palm of your hand and rub it onto the mic grille. After about two minutes, the fast-drying foam simply evaporates, leaving the mic disinfected, deodorized and safe, so the artist can sing with confidence.

Microphome’s unique formula is a great for renewing neglected microphones, too. For this situation, the company offers a complete Mic Cleaning Kit, including a bottle of Microphome, a double-ended cleaning brush, soft nylon scouring pad and microfiber cleaning cloth, all in a handy black vinyl zipper pouch. The cleaning kit helps remove debris while eliminating the odors from smoke resins, stale beer, cosmetics, bad breath and other hazards that normally accumulate over time.

“All performers should be concerned about health issues,” notes McCoy. “Microphome is the first and only product on the market that addresses this concern. Now the artist can quickly and safely disinfect the mic before each sound check and performance. As we like to say: Foam it before you own it!”

After its successful debut at the recent NAMM Show, Microphome is now shipping at an introductory list price of $8.98 per bottle, sold in 12-bottle cases. The Mic Cleaning Kit lists for $25.98, and is also available in a case of twelve. For more information, call Microphome LLC at 727-403-9354 or visit

Originally posted 2009-07-17 19:54:20.