As MAYHEM FEST winds down the 2014 edition was incredible! AVENGED SEVENFOLD put on an over-the-top performance with the castle-torches & chains motif, along with a ‘King’ about 50 feet tall & wide & enough pyro to scorch the sun! KORN had an amazing upbeat set, reuniting Head with Fieldy, Munky, Jonathan & Ray – playing their classics in a bright, forceful way – no doom & gloom this time! BODYCOUNT, featuring legendary ICE-T drew one of the craziest circle pits of anticipation all day!  MUSHROOMHEAD brought the evil masks & psycho attitude to the MAYHEM stage in the blazing heat! Lead vocalist Waymon told us “MAYHEM is a perfect place to debut our new album & next level stuff, where the fanatic metalheads are ripe for new energy & bombastic presentations!” Ophiuchus was the MAYHEM opener on the first date of the tour & drew one of the biggest responses EVER for a MAYHEM opening act! LOTS of Metal to enjoy at MAYHEM & can’t wait for the 2015 edition! Never a disappointment – thanks to Maria with Adrenaline for always hooking up this veteran journalist with the inside scoop & access! Horns up!