Connecting With Your Audience

The Internet is an insatiable, content consuming, monster that wants everything, all the time. At Live2Play and SoundProLive, we satisfy the Web monster’s insatiable appetite with TRUSTED original content and content curated for our users from elsewhere around the Web.  (note: this video states a reach of 61,000, that has now grown to over 255,000)


Active Content Marketing™ uses the exponential power of many social networks and the immediacy of the Web to deliver trusted third-party news and reviews about your products. This short video shows the power of Active Marketing—


Our content creators cover all topics and products that interest our followers—and when those topics or products focus on a network sponsor, multiple notifications and teasers to that content go out to more than 255,000 social network connections. The resulting traffic—directed to this featured content—happens right before your eyes. On average, content with Active Marketing™ gets 11 x the number of reads compared to content without the Active Marketing™ push.

A Level 11 Media Exclusive: The Digital Active eZines™


Users are becoming less interested by the day in static, text-only content. That is why every piece of content features embedded rich media with video, audio and Web pages.


The patent-pending Active eZine Internet Publishing Program, developed by Level 11 Media (Parent company to Live2Play, Live2Play Worship and SoundProLive) combines the familiar magazine format with rich media content and advertising.


It’s viewable on any desktop, laptop or mobile device without having to download. There’s video embedded in every piece of content including all ads and it’s instantly sharable via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. AND it can all be instantly translated into 20 different languages.


A Level 11 Media Exclusive: Gear Hunter allows our site visitors to find videos, Wikipedia entries and points of purchase without ever leaving our Websites.


We also include links in our gear reviews to other sources that may help your customers make an informed decision. Contrast this with our competitors who are still of the “protected user” mindset—refusing to provide any link that might send a visitor off site. That’s not how you gain a loyal following. We’ve seen proof that the more we help our users, the more often they come back to us.


Check out this short video and then send us an email so we can set up an actual walk through of how the Active Marketing™ program works.

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