Combining analog tone, digital control, digital effects, and exclusive STOMPWARE® technology, the MG4 Series from Marshall provides maximum versatility. Seven new combo amps, plus a 100-Watt head, provide players at every level with access to the classic Marshall sound.

With the MG4 Series, Marshall has returned to a simple, tried-and-true panel layout for extreme ease of use. Gain, followed by a three-band EQ (two-band Contour Control on the MG10), Volume and Master Volume are laid out for quick access. Push-button channel switching provides for smooth, uninterrupted transitions. Combining true analog tone circuitry and Marshall’s proprietary FDD* technology, the solid-state MG4 Series achieves that authentic Marshall sound and feel. The combination line out/headphone out features speaker cabinet emulation, providing the user with full Marshall sound when recording or practicing through headphones. A line input allows for playing along with CDs, MP3s, etc.

Models in the new MG4 Series are: 

• MG10 2-channel / 10-Watt / 6.5″ combo amp – MSRP $115

• MG15 2-channel / 15-Watt / 8″ combo amp – MSRP $185 

• MG15FX 4-channel / 15-Watt / 8″ combo with digital effects – MSRP $249 

• MG30FX 4-channel / 30-Watt / 10″ combo with digital effects – MSRP $350 

• MG50FX 4-channel / 50-Watt / 12″ combo with digital effects – MSRP $599 

• MG101FX 4-channel / 100-Watt / 1 x 12″ combo with digital effects – MSRP $699 

• MG102FX 4-channel / 100-Watt / 2 x 12″ combo with digital effects – MSRP $749 

• MG100HFX 4-channel / 100-Watt head with digital effects – MSRP $749 

Two 4 x 12″ cabinets are also available—the MG4X12A angled cabinet and the MG4X12B straight-style cabinet, in addition to the MG15MSII 15-Watt Micro-Stack head with one angled/one straight 1×10″ cabinet. – MG4x12 A/B: $499.00 – MG15MSII: $430.00

Originally posted 2009-03-17 14:56:19.