Live2Play’s London bureau reports that thousands of pounds worth of gear has been taken or seriously damaged during the 4th night of riots rocking the UK. Mark Taylor, Managing Diector of Dawsons in Manchester said it all started when “One of the windows was kicked in at about 7pm and this was followed by another one shortly after, All portable keyboards were stolen, along with pretty much everything that can be held. A Yamaha Tyros 4 was taken too and this would have been a two-man job.” Taylor said that most of the store’s digital pianos and keyboards were smashed along with seven glass cabinets full of high tech gear. Among the missing goods were synths, digital drum kits and around 30 to 60 guitars. Taylor descibed the area saying, “Manchester was a no-go area and the security teams were not allowed near the store, making it completely unprotected. It was a scene of devastation this morning.”

In an effort to help retailers effected by the riots, Fender is encouraging businesses to send lists of stolen gear to or their regular sales contact, so they can trace back serial numbers.

A statement from the company read: “The GBI team will dedicate time to trawling Ebay and other internet selling platforms to track down the stolen gear with the intention of shutting down the listing and informing police. Any findings will be shared immediately with the stores.”


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Originally posted 2011-08-10 14:16:22.