Once again, Seth MacFarlane teams up with Grammy Award-nominated producer, composer and arranger Joel McNeely for MacFarlane’s third full-length album, No One Ever Tells You. Of the project, McNeely states “The instrumentation on this record is unusual. It is a very small string section, only a few brass and woodwinds. But we chose the musicians very carefully. These players have an understanding of the long lost style of playing from that era and their understanding of the required extra vibrato, copious dramatic slides and bends brings a stylistic realism to the orchestra almost impossible to achieve these days.”

The seventeen tracks see the singer take on standards such as “The One I Love (Belongs To Someone Else)” and “I Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her,” as well the Rodgers and Hart classic “A Ship Without A Sail.” The record also includes some  lesser-known but equally magnetic songs like “Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye” by Cole Porter and Henry Mancini’s “Don’t Call It Love”.

“There was a time during the mid-1950’s and early 1960’s when popular song was stretching its creative boundaries, and experimenting with more ambitious structures and tones.” says MacFarlane “During this period, a song set out to really tell a story: not just with the lyric and the vocal, but with the arrangements and orchestral interpretations. The songs on this record attempt to do just that.”

Expanding his musical discography yet again, No One Ever Tells You follows up last year’s Holiday For Swing, which saw MacFARLANE and McNeely tackle a bevy of holiday gems. His 2011 debut, Music Is Better Than Words, received Grammy Award nominations in the categories of “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album” and “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.”

No One Ever Tells You Tracklisting:

  1. No One Ever Tells You
  2. I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
  3. A Ship Without A Sail
  4. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
  5. It’s All Right With Me
  6. This Nearly Was Mine
  7. Make This A Slow Goodbye
  8. Don’t Call It Love
  9. I’ll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her
  10. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)
  11. Before I Gaze At You Again
  12. Only The Lonely
  13. I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plan
  14. I Wish I Didn’t Love You So
  15. Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye
  16. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
  17. Loss of Love